Beauty Tips for Four-Eyed Brides

by Sarah Macdougall on October 28, 2013

In a perfect world, everyone would have 20/20 vision, those who weren’t blessed with the eyesight of a hawk would afford Lasik, pizza would have no calories, sweatpants would be all the rage on the runways, etc. Unfortunately, I’m not a miracle worker, and while I like to bask in the delusion that the last two points are true, I can only confront one issue at a time. The world isn’t perfect. In some cases, neither is your eyesight (unless you’re super lucky, in which case, take your phenomenal vision somewhere else and use your powers for good. Or whatever it is you people can do with that. I wouldn’t know.)


Glasses or contacts, ladies? And how do you do your makeup? THE STRUGGLE IS SO REAL.

1. Glasses (Pros and Cons)

I’m one of those freaks who actually really enjoys wearing my glasses from time to time. Once my contacts are out, it’s game over for like, at least a week. I have the contacts you can sleep in (love) and so this happens like, once a month. Ish.

-They help you see. This is nice.
-They can be very stylish.
-They……….. help you see!

They help you- oh wait. Um. Cons. They can make it hard to figure out a makeup scheme.
-While stylish, maybe they don’t necessarily match the style of your wedding.
-They might fall off while you whip your hair back and forth at your reception.

2. Contacts (Pros and Cons)

As stated above, I rarely take my contacts out. It all started when I was part of a very physical activity that took up the majority of my days in summer, and I didn’t want to deal with glasses, nor did I want to constantly be taking my contacts out and putting them back in. I prefer to shove my fingers in my eyes as little as possible, typically. Better things to do, you know?

They help you see.
-It’s easier to lie to yourself regarding how well you can see. No glasses = no vision troubles, duh.
-Makeup can be a little more cray cray because there’s nothing there (read: frames) to disrupt The Look.

-Putting them in really sucks if you’re a baby, like me.
-Sometimes things get stuck all up in there and then you have to poke at your eye and get things out and this isn’t really the most brilliant look of all time when you’re trying to appear well put together to every single person you’ve ever met.
-While makeup options might be more plentiful, you need to be extra careful to not get anything in your eye. Game over if you do.

3. Some Makeup Stuff

I want to preface this by saying I’m not a professional makeup artist. I do, however, have several years of experience applying the stuff in high-intensity performance settings, and even more experience gazing longingly at the products in Sephora and MAC. So while I’m not trained, per se, I’m also not entirely clueless. So here are a couple things to think about.

-If you decide to wear glasses, it’s best to keep your eye makeup minimal. There’s already something drawing attention to your eyes, so it’s best not to overdo it. Accentuate your lips instead, perhaps.

-Maybe you’ve hired a professional, in which case, they’ll know how to make it so that your makeup will look good in pictures. If you haven’t, look into how to do this. General rules I think about are to go with colors that will accentuate your natural features, rather than paint over them. Also, while I love metallic things, you don’t want TOO much shininess happening, otherwise you’ll just appear as a bright light in your photos and your future offspring’s offspring will be like, what’s that apparition in grandma’s photo? Neutrals are a pretty ok choice.

-In general, it’s probably good if your groom recognizes you even after you’ve applied said makeup. So don’t load it on and go for an entirely different look because otherwise he might think he’s marrying Cher and will promptly sprint away out the nearest exit.






What tips do you have for brides who want to rock their glasses?

– Sarah

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