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by jaime on March 24, 2014

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With the thousands of dollars a wife and groom spend on sharing their special wedding day with us as guests, it’s only right that we bring them a gift. Buying the perfect gift to help them begin their married life can be a daunting task – should we buy something bland and useful or should it be something more luxurious that they normally wouldn’t splurge on for themselves? With a little forward thinking, however, you’ll be able to get the perfect gift for the newlyweds. Stay on top of the latest trends in wedding gift-giving for 2014 and they’ll always remember your gift.

Etiquette of Giving a Wedding Gift

There’s a great deal of subtle, often unspoken, etiquette in regards to giving wedding gifts.

  • Even if you can’t attend the wedding, buy a gift.
  • If you’re just invited to the reception, gifts are optional, but many people will buy one anyway.
  • Those attending with a guest should give a bigger gift than those attending alone, as the cost of the gift is spread out between the two of you, not to mention that the bride and groom are paying for both of you to attend the wedding.
  • While you do have up to a year after the wedding to give your present, sooner is always better. If you can’t bring your gift to the wedding itself, try to send it to the couple within three months.
  • Although many couples have registries, it is acceptable to get them a gift that’s not on the registry, as long as you’ve thought carefully about it and you know that it’s something they’d love.
  • However, if you are tight on money and unable to afford a gift on the registry, just try your best to give a meaningful present. We hope, at least, the bride is not like this bad-mannered one featured on the Huffington Post.

Gadgets Galore

Since couples are generally marrying later and living together for some time before tying the knot, this eliminates the necessity for more traditional gifts, such as linen and crockery, since they’re likely to already have this stuff. As such, it’s a great idea to go for unique or interesting gadgets that the couple will enjoy, but wouldn’t necessarily fork out for themselves. Since it’s a gift for the bride and the groom, make sure it’s something they’d both enjoy.

Some ideas for gadgets to give:

  • Camera – Polaroids always make fun wedding gifts as the bride and groom can instantly develop their photos during the honeymoon.
  • Electronic photograph frame – These allow multiple photographs to scroll through the same frame, and can be found here.
  • Electronic wine opener – Brookstone makes a great one that is the perfect gift for wine lovers.

Chip in for Wedding Dress

This applies more if the bride is a close friend, but with the ever increasing expense of wedding gowns, chipping in to help her purchase it is a perfectly acceptable and practical gift. These days, wedding dresses can range into the thousands of dollars, and instead of purchasing the newlyweds something they may never use, why not help make a dent into a guaranteed expense. If the bride purchases her wedding dress at an affordable retailer, like David’s Bridal, it may not cost you too much and she will always appreciate your gesture. Plus, you’ll get to go with her to pick out the dress – which is always a fun activity!

Honeymoon Registries

Honeymoon registries are going to be big in 2014. With more and more couples paying for their own weddings, they may find it difficult to afford their dream honeymoon. Rather than having their guest purchase gifts they made never have a need for, couples ask guests to contribute via their online honeymoon registry. Usually, the couple will give you a few options of aspects of the trip they would appreciate financial help with. Think about how much they would recognize your generous gift if you helped chip in for a night or two of the hotel room. It will be a special and memorable gesture!

Charitable Donations

One question that’s often asked is what do you get for the couple who has everything? A good solution to this is to make a charitable donation in their name. A number of websites exist that allow couples to choose their favorite charity or charities and make it easy for guests to make a donation in their name. If they haven’t set up anything like this, just pick a charity to give money to that you know they support. Many more couples are starting to feel like they have enough material goods and are opting to use their special day as a way to raise funds for important causes.

What are you buying the happy couple in 2014?

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